Pocket Love: All Hairstyles

Updated on September 12, 2022
pocket love game

Pocket Love is a decoration and home management game. You choose to live your ideal life, decorating your house, enjoying moments with your pets, and going on dates with your partner.

How to unlock hairstyles

By default, there are nine hairstyles available that you can use for you and your partner. You can unlock more hairstyles in any of the following ways:

  • In the in-game store, under the "clothing" tab. You can buy hairstyles and hair colors in exchange for in-game currency.
  • Every Monday, Guy the hairdresser, will be waiting for you in front of your house. He will sell you a special hairstyle. These hairstyles cannot be obtained in any other way.

All hairstyles

Keep in mind that these hairstyles have all the same color, but you can customize the hairstyle with many available dying options that you can buy in the in-game store.

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