Pocket Love: Characters guide

Discover all the characters in Pocket Love, and when you can expect them. Updated on September 12, 2022
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Pocket Love is the perfect life simulation in which you get your house. You decorate it with the furniture you get, you can change your outfits, and go out on dates with your partner. But the game's fun factor is sharing your room designs and outfits with your friends.

This keeps many players wondering, how can they get more hairstyles, clothes, or fancy furniture? In fact, everyone knows that you can buy furniture in the in-game shop, but it can be deceptive to think you can get all furniture in the store.

The only way to get many special items is through characters that show up in front of your house every day. In this guide, we'll cover all the characters, when they show up and what to expect from them.

All the characters


Pocket Love Kai character screenshot

Kai is the Post Mail officer. He will give you rewards for every video ad that you watch. He would give you the same type of furniture you can get in the shop, so don't expect seasonal or special furniture from him.

Kai is available every day.


Pocket Love Jess character screenshot

Jess works at the animal shelter, and she will give you the opportunity to adopt new pets. You will first meet her on your first day playing the game.

Jess is not available regularly, and it's also not fully clear when she shows up. She seems to come back as you progress through the game, and she will eventually come back when you play long-term.


Pocket Love Kevin character screenshot

Kevin will take care of all the duplicate or old furniture you don't want anymore. He will show up with his van on the corner of your house. When tapping on his van, you can put any item in there, and he will pay you for each piece.

Kevin is available every week on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.


Pocket Love Guy character screenshot

Guy is the hairdresser. He gives you a chance to get a special hairstyle when he shows up. The hairstyles he sells are unavailable through the store, so you'll find the most unique hairstyles from him.

Guy is available every week on Monday.


Pocket Love John character screenshot

John is a fashion stylist. He gives you a chance to get special accessories like glasses, earrings, and other types of cosmetics. The accessories that he sells are unavailable through the store.

John is available every week on Tuesday


Pocket Love Zac character screenshot

Zac is a fashion designer. He sells unique clothes that you are unable to buy through the store.

Zac is available every week on Wednesday and Saturday.


Pocket Love Mindy character screenshot

Mindy is a hat designer. She gives you a chance to get a unique hat when she shows up. You can select one of the three options, one hat will cost you coins, the other will cost you Dogllars, and the other you can get for free by watching an ad.

Mindy is available every week on Thursday


Pocket Love Jesus character screenshot

Jesus is an interior designer who gives you a chance to buy special furniture. The furniture he sells is either unique or seasonal, and you won't be able to get it through the store. He sometimes brings furniture that was available in the past through events.

Jesus is available every week on Friday.


Pocket Love Ace character screenshot

Ace is also a hairdresser who comes with the most unique dye colors. He will gives you a chance to get a hair color that is unavailable in any other way. So if you are unsatisfied with the color of your hair, this is the guy to come to.

Ace is available every week on Sunday

Address Book

In summary, whenever you encounter any of these characters, it will be stored in the address book of your game, which you can access through the top-right corner menu.

Pocket Love Address Book

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