Cookie Run Kingdom: Red Velvet Cookie GUIDE

Updated on August 6, 2022
Cookie Run Kingdom: Red Velvet
CookieCookie Rarity
Red Velvet
Cookie Type
Cookie Position

Red Velvet's skill

SkillSkill Description
Crimson Hand
Face the might of the Cakes! This Cookie grasps the rearmost enemy, brings it in front of the Cookie squad, dealing great damage and stunning them for a short time. Cannot be interrupted.

Skill's passive effects at base level:

  • 15 seconds base cooldown
  • Single hit DMG: 835% (+10% per level)
  • Stun: 5 seconds

Red Velvet Cookie Tier

Red Velvet is a solid A-tier cookie. He has quite a unique skill, most valuable in the Arena to pull weaker units to the front while dealing a ton of damage.

He will bring forward to the front lines units standing in rear positions, which are often healers and supports. Imagine you get rid of the only healer in the opponent team quite early in the combat. That's a huge advantage in your favor for the rest of the battle.

In addition, Red Velvet will stun for 5 seconds the unit grabbed by his skill. That's one of the best stun there are in the game. Being stunned for 5 seconds in the Arena can have considerable repercussions in battle.

In PvE, he's less valuable because he is useful only in very specific quests of the story mode. Basically, any quest with snipers or other units dealing too much damage to your team from a distance. These are the situations where you want to include Red Velvet in your team.

Best Toppings

  • 5 Chocolate Swift
  • 5 Solid Almond

His skill will already deal a lot of damage by itself, so there's no need to increment your attack. This leaves us with two options, and it really depends on your team or the treasures you have equipped.

It's essential to decrease Red Velvet's skill cooldown, so the best option is the Chocolate Swift topping build. However, we must consider that Red Velvet is a charge cookie that will fight on the front lines of the battle. Therefore, you must support him with the Gatekeeper Ghost's Horn treasure, which will increase DEF by more than 30%, depending on the treasure's level.

If you cannot equip this treasure because the rest of your team focuses on offense, then it's best to use the Solid Almond topping build. Otherwise, you'll have trouble keeping Red Velvet alive in combat.

How to get Red Velvet Cookie Soulstones

You can get Red Velvet Cookie's Soulstones in the following ways:

  • Randomly obtaining him through the Gacha
  • In the Mileage Shop, in exchange for Mileage coins
  • Clearing 4-16 quest in Dark Mode (up to 3 times per day)
  • Clearing 11-30 quest in Dark Mode (up to 3 times per day)

Red Velvet's best teammates

Red Velvet will perform better with support cookies that either boost his DEF or ATK stats. Tank cookies are also great companions for Red Velvet so that they can protect him.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pomegranate Cookie. She provides healing and buffs +30% ATK of allies cookies.
  • Licorice Cookie. Buffs the team with +20% DEF stat.
  • Hollyberry Cookie. She is one of the best tanks in the game, and she will take a portion of the damage that allies receive.
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie. Provides healing and a damage-absorbing shield
  • Herb Cookie. A great healer that will purify the team from all debuff effects.

Red Velvet's counters

Red Velvet's weaknesses are his low defense stats and that he is so dependent on casting his skill frequently. Therefore, any cookie that can either debuff DEF stats or silence opponents' cookies will mean a threat to Red Velvet.

Avoid combat in the Arena when more than one of these cookies is present in the opponent's team.

  • Frost Queen Cookie. Can freeze the opponent's team, pausing the cooldown of frozen cookies for a few seconds.
  • Dark Cacao Cookie. Decreases ATK and DEF of opponent's team for 9 seconds after using his skill.
  • Kumiho Cookie. Decreases opponent's team DEF by 20%.

Best treasures for Red Velvet Cookie

TreasureTreasure effect at level 1
Squishy Jelly Watch
Decreases cooldown for all cookies by 10%
Gatekeeper Ghost's Horn
Increases DEF for all cookies by 30%