Cookie Run Kingdom: Cotton Cookie GUIDE

Updated on July 21, 2022
Cookie Run Kingdom - Cotton Cookie art

Cookie Description

CookieCookie Rarity
Cotton Cookie
Cookie Type

Cotton Cookie's skill

SkillSkill description
A Warm Light
While Cotton Cookie's lantern shines, the warm light will periodically restore the allies' HP and increase the summoned creatures' ATK. Additionally, Cotton Cookie summons sheep that will charge at the enemies, dealing area damage and stunning them. The summoned sheep will fight alongside the Cookies for a certain time.

Skill's passive effect at base level:

  • 17 seconds base Cooldown
  • Healing: 9.9% of ATK every 1 seconds for 9 seconds
  • ATK increase: 75% while the lantern is lit
  • Sheep Herd: 124.5% of the Cookie's ATK, 157,8% of DEF and 111,4% of HP
  • Sheep Stampede: 150% DMG, stuns for 1 second

Cotton Cookie Tier

Cotton Cookie often stands at S or S+ tier, depending on the meta and trends of the moment.

In PvE, you must have Cotton Cookie on your team. Her ability is outstanding when fighting on PvE missions. She will heal your team and keep other teammates alive. In addition, invoked sheep will stun enemies, which is perfect for keeping them from dealing damage for a few seconds.

In PvP, Cotton Cookie is a solid choice to add to your primary team, but it depends on who you put on the team. If you have other cookies that can summon creatures, they'll get a significant advantage with Cotton Cookie's attack increase buff.

In any case, Cotton Cookie is still great when teamed up with non-summoning cookies because of her ability to stun enemies. However, check who you are fighting against first because some Cookies can reject stun spells. For example, Cocoa Cookie's skill makes her allies immune to stunning.

Best Toppings

  • 5 Swift Chocolate
  • 3 Swift Chocolate and 2 Solid Almond

These two topping builds are suitable for both PvE and PvP. Cotton Cookie's sheep aren't staying on the battlefield for long, so you must have those Swift Chocolate toppings to reduce the skill's cooldown. Therefore, Cotton Cookie will cast the summoning spell more frequently.

For this reason, we think 5 Swift Cholocate is the best option, but if you are having trouble keeping Cotton Cookie alive, you can use two Solid Almond to reduce incoming damage.

How to get Cotton Cookie Soulstones

You can get Cotton Cookie's Soulstones in the following ways:

  • Randomly obtaining her through the Gacha
  • In the Mileage Shop, in exchange for Mileage coins
  • Clearing 8-12 quest in Dark Mode (up to 3 times per day)

Cotton Cookie's best teammates

Cotton Cookie is an excellent healer, so she is going to be valuable in any team you put her. However, her ability to increase summoned creatures' attack makes her more beneficial to the team when paired with other summoners.

Some of the best teammates for Cotton Cookie are:

  • Pumpkin Pie Cookie
  • Crunchy Chip Cookie
  • Oyster Cookie
  • Snow Sugar Cookie

Cotton Cookie's counters

Cotton Cookie will be less valuable when fighting against some of the following cookies. These cookies can counter her abilities in several ways.

  • Sorbet Cookie. Ambush cookie that can attack and focus directly on rear position cookies and summoned creatures.
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie. Debuffs opponent healing.
  • Frost Queen Cookie. Massive AoE damage skill that is immune to stun while casting. Frost Queen's skill will destroy most weak summoned creatures.
  • Cherry Blossom Cookie. Another cookie that can deal a vast amount of AoE damage, targeting all summoned creatures.

Cotton Cookie's bonds

Cotton Cookie is part of the Greedy Dragon bond that will give you a boost on all your cookies stats when you achieve the bond milestones, which you'll get by owning these cookies and promoting them.

Cookies that share this bond:

  • Cotton Cookie
  • Tea Knight Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Snow Sugar Cookie