Cookie Run Kingdom: Cherry Blossom GUIDE

Updated on July 22, 2022
Cookie Run Kingdom: Cherry Blossom
CookieCookie Rarity
Cherry Blossom
Cookie Type
Cookie Position

Cherry Blossom's skill

SkillSkill Description
Cherry Blossom Rain
Get ready for a storm of cherry blossoms! Cherry Blossom Cookie flies up to shower her enemies with a rain of cherry blossoms, dealing area damage. She will deal additional damage to non-cookie opponents and increase the ATK of all allies: the bonus value will depend on the number of enemies hit with the skill

Skill's passive effects at base level:

  • 17 seconds base Cooldown
  • Single hit DMG: 48,3%
  • Additional DMG to non-Cookie targets: 10%
  • With each 3 hits, the DMG decreases by 20% (cannot get decreased by more than 80%)
  • +2.5% ATK for 12 sec, stacks up to x10 times

Best Toppings

  • 5 Searing Raspberry

For both PvE and PvP, you must maximize the damage that Cherry Blossom can deal and keep her alive by teaming her up with good healers and support cookies.

How to get Cherry Blossom Soulstones

You can get Cherry Blossom Cookie's Soulstones in the following ways:

  • Randomly obtaining her through the Gacha
  • In the Mileage Shop, in exchange for Mileage coins

Unfortunately, you cannot get Cherry Blossom Soulstones in the dark mode now because she was added to the game recently.

However, the developers keep maintaining the game, adding new features and stories. So we expect that there will be alternatives to getting Cherry Blossom Soulstone in upcoming game updates.

Cherry Blossom's best teammates

  • Parfait Cookie. An excellent healer that can also increase the team's defense.
  • Pomegranate Cookie. Another great cookie that will heal the team and increase the allies' attack, making Cherry Blossom even more destructive.
  • Hollyberry Cookie. An excellent tank that absorbs damage taken by the team.

Cherry Blossom's counters

  • Sea Fairy Cookie. Massive AoE damage + stunning, making Cherry Blossom unable to cast skill while she is stunned.
  • Dark Cacao Cookie. His skill can deal powerful blows to the whole team causing debuffs in ATK and DEF, making Cherry Blossom vulnerable and less effective.

Cherry Blossom's bonds

Cherry Blossom Cookie is part of the "Bombs & Cherry Blossoms" bond that will give you a boost on all your cookies stats when you achieve the bond milestones, which you'll get by owning these cookies and promoting them.

Cookies that share this bond:

  • Cherry Blossom Cookie
  • Parfait Cookie
  • Raspberry Cookie
  • Cherry Cookie