Where to find Large Bones in Tribes of midgard

Updated on April 30, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: Blue troll fight screenshot

Large Bones are a rare and valuable item in Tribes of Midgard. They are used for crafting many of the most powerful weapons of the game, such as the legendary Fenri's Fang. Besides, you can also craft other great mid-game weapons that'll make you stronger through the game.

Where to find Large Bones

Large Bones is a hard-to-find resource, although there are several methods to obtain them, we'll explain to you each of them.

  • It can be dropped by Blue Trolls that are located in the Land of Pools area. These trolls are mostly guarding camps.
  • It can be dropped by White Trolls from the Smokey Highlands area. These trolls are also found in Highlands Underpass and Hideouts.
  • It can be found in treasure chests that are guarded by Trolls, either in a Goblin's camp or a Hideout.
  • It can be bought for 100 souls if you find a Sorcerer merchant in the Land of Pools or Smokey Highlands.

How to defeat Trolls

White and Blue Trolls are one of the most difficult enemies to defeat if not well prepared. They are slow, but their powerful attacks can take most of your health with one hit, so you should always carry healing potions with you when facing a Troll.

Take advantage of elemental weapons, the White Troll is weak to Ice while the Blue Troll is weak to Dark damage. If you face them with the right elemental weapon, you'll make a large amount of damage and it'll be much easier to defeat them.

You definitely would want to defend well yourself, a good armor and shield may help from preventing damage but after a few hits you would probably run out of potions. So you'll be more successful rolling away of him whenever he's charging his next attack and then hit him a couple of times before rolling away again.

After the battle, the troll will drop some items and among them you'll find the Large Bones.