Tribes of Midgard: What is the Quarry and how to build it

This guide will teach you everything to know about the Quarry, from what it does, to where you can find it and how you can built it.Updated on April 30, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: rebuilding quarry screenshot
Table of contents

    What is the Quarry

    The quarry is a damaged worksite located nearby your village. When you rebuild the quarry, it will provide you with mining resources every 10 minutes.

    It’s highly recommended to rebuild the quarry, as it will generate resources passively that allow you to fortify your village structures while you are doing other things in the game.

    Tribes of Midgard: quarry screenshot

    These are the materials that will be generating every 10 minutes:

    • 39 Flint
    • 39 Ore
    • 39 Stone
    • 39 Iron
    • 9 Cut Stone
    • 9 Wrought Iron
    • 3 Silver
    • 1 Rusty Pickaxe

    The Quarry is also part of a quest that may be obtained by visiting the village's quest board. In this quest, you’ll have to:

    • Rebuild the quarry
    • Wait for the first shipment of material
    • Pick up the Rusty Pickaxe from the War Chest (which is nearby the repair bench at the village)
    • Deliver the Rusty Pickaxe to an NPC that will be marked in your map

    In addition to this building, there are also two structure that will provide you additional supplies on a regular basis. The lumberyard will provide you wood while the Farm will provide you with food that can be used to craft potions.

    How to rebuild the Quarry

    Once you find the damaged building, you can contribute with the following materials to the building construction:

    • 12 Wooden Boards
    • 9 Cut Stone
    • 6 Wrought Iron
    • 600 Souls

    After all the required materials are donated, the Quarry will be built instantly and it will start providing materials in the next 10 minutes.