Star Trek Fleet Command: Swarm Guide

Updated on September 7, 2022
Star Trek Fleet Command: Swarm cluster screenshot

There are a lot of topics involving the Swarm in Start Trek Fleet Command. Especially for new players, it could be confusing trying to figure out where to find Swarm ships or where to find swarm biominerals. What are these used for, anyway? No worries, we'll be covering everything you need to know in this guide.

Where to find swarm ships in Star Trek Fleet Command

Swarm ships are one of the several hostiles ships patrolling the vast space in Star Trek Fleet Command. They are always found in independent systems that are cluttered with cosmic dust (as you can see in the screenshot below)

Star Trek Fleet Command: Swarm system screenshot

You'll find all these together between the Federation and Rogue faction's regions (in independent systems)

  • Kohva (15)
  • Andvaris (15)
  • Omtose (16)
  • Caldik (16)
  • Altamid (17)
  • Herias (18)

Mid-level players will find most of the swarm ships locations in independent areas between the faction regions.

Between Klingon and Romulan regions

  • Ezani (19)
  • Beta Vordunn (20)
  • Klaiz (22)
  • Sayo (26)
  • Redmon (28)

Between the Romulan and Federation regions

  • Er'Yozun (24)
  • Alpha Horunia (26)
  • Ortek (28)

In addition, there are even more star trek fleet command swarm locations for high-level players:

Between Klingon and Romulan regions:

  • Fortaine (30)
  • Adelphi (32)
  • Araxian (37)
  • Estar (37)
  • Iusum (37)

Between Romulan and Federation regions:

  • Von (30)
  • Fyrsta (32)
  • Vesali (35)
  • Dalogn (35)
  • Vahok (39)
  • Uyik (39)

How to fight the Swarm in Star Trek Fleet Command

Swarm ships are always grouped by clusters, and that's why a swarm ship has more strength than a common hostile of the same level. If you cannot defeat them, we'll give you some advice to help you understand how to efficiently hunt swarm ships.

Starting from the basics, all swarm clusters within the game are Scout ships. While having this in mind, there are several flaws against Scout ships that we can use to our advantage.

The first and most obvious would be using an Explorer ship since they are stronger when fighting against Scouts. But you might still be below the required strength to face your opponent. Besides, you may have another stronger type of ship, which would also suffice.

So what can you do if you are still having trouble defeating swarm clusters?. You must take full advantage of the officers that you have available.

As you may know, every officer has 2 abilities. These abilities are only enabled when the officer is assigned as a ship's captain or as part of the ship's bridge.

There are many officers whose abilities will put you at a significant advantage in PVE combat. In addition, some officers have good skills against Swarm ships.

Check our guide on Stark Trek Fleet Command: Best Swarm crew to know more about which officers are best for defeating swarm clusters.

Swarm dailies and Swarm Biominerals.

Once you reach level 15 of Operations in your base, you'll unlock daily missions that involve defeating Swarm clusters. Every day there are 3 missions available, one requires defeating 50 of them, and the other requires defeating stronger Swarm ships. However, the requirements will change as you upgrade your operations building. So some of these dailies will get harder and harder.

By defeating Swarm ships or completing the daily missions, you will mainly acquire Swarm Biominerals and Frequency Modulators.

Swarm Biominerals can be used in the Refinery in exchange for other materials such as Parsteel, Tritanium, or Dilithium.

Frequency Modulators are required to upgrade ships like USS Franklin, a ship built specifically for hunting Swarm ships.

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