Star Trek Fleet Command: Beginners guide

Updated on September 7, 2022
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Stark Trek Fleet Command is a vast game, with many game mechanics and things you must learn over time. If you are just starting and feeling lost, you came to the right place. This guide will cover many of the essential things that the game doesn't tell you, which will help you progress and get better at the game.

Daily goals and Events

Log in every day into the game, and doing most of the daily chores is what could push you ahead in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Starting from events, these will allow you to unlock rare ships over time that you wouldn't be able to get without paying. Some events can give you considerable resources or rare/epic officers shards that are also hard to get otherwise.

Be sure to check the daily events and complete them whenever you see they are worth your time, and be ok letting them go if the reward is not worth much.

There may also be Battle pass events every month, which you can level up by completing related daily events. Pay special attention to these because they always give great rewards.

Daily goals are less important below level 10, but they will become more significant as you level up. However, we recommend checking these every day, as they can give essential materials, and most of these are not hard to complete.

You can find daily goals on the Missions page, accessible by pressing the exclamation button in the screen's left bottom corner. When you are on the Missions page, there are three tabs at the top, and one of them will show your daily goals.


Why officers are important

Officers will give a massive advantage in the game. They are hard to unlock, especially the good ones. But you must always keep track of the best officers you have and assign them to your best ships.

Officers are so relevant in this game because of their skills. You may have noticed that officers have two abilities. One gets active when you assign the officer as the ship's captain, while the other skill gets active if you assign the officer to the ship's bridge (meaning the top three officers of a ship)

Keeping this in mind, think of those skills that grant you more ship health or reduce the opponent's damage by 10%. That means you could fight ships of higher power than yours, but you'll be able to defeat them because you'll endure 10% more damage.

Those are the officers and the kind of skills you want to have active onboard your ship.

How to unlock officers fast

Getting recruit tokens is hard, and even if you have many of them, you still need to pull out the same officer shard several times to unlock the officer. So keep in mind that getting the best crew will take time and patience.

However, we have some tips for you that will help you unlock officers fast at low levels.

  1. Complete "Combat Training" missions. These assignments are picked up automatically in your missions log, you will get the first one at level one, and every time you complete these missions, you will get the next one. Completing these missions only takes defeating hostiles, and they will reward you with many recruit tokens.
  2. Unlock faction recruit tokens. Do missions for a faction until the faction tolerates you, and you will unlock rewards in exchange for faction tokens (that you get by doing daily goals, events, and missions). At low levels, always use these tokens in exchange for the faction recruit rewards. That would help you unlock rare and epic officers faster.
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The syndicate is an affiliation that will grant you significant rewards that you cannot get otherwise, such as permanent mining and combat buffs, resource efficiency, and even officers shards at higher levels.

The game somehow doesn't explain this well enough, and it's easy not to realize this feature for some time. However, increasing your reputation with this faction takes time as you can only level it up once every day. So the earlier you start doing this, the better.

You can find the syndicate icon on the top-left corner of the screen, next to your Latinum balance. Visit this page and get your daily chest every day.

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Away teams

You will be able to send your officers in Away teams missions by getting the Shuttle Bay building, which you can unlock as part of research in the R&D Department building.

You will get new assignments in this building every 8 to 12 hours. It's important to send any spare officer to these missions every day. These will grant you many scarce materials, such as Officer XP, mining materials, and Away Credits which you can use later on for unlocking ships, among other things.

Get on an active Alliance.

Alliance can help you progress faster, especially if you are in a good one. Don't worry too much about these if you are below level 20, but at least get sure to enter an active Alliance because they can send you help every time you build something, which can speed up the process.

When you are level 20, it is even more important to be in an active Alliance that helps you do Armadas, as it is the only way to unlock the Armada Center for free.


Log in daily is essential to progress in Star Trek Fleet Command, and it will help you get ahead in the game and slowly build up your wealth while increasing your power.

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