Overcooked: How to throw food

Do you want to know how to throw food in Overcooked 1 or Overcooked 2? In this blog, you can find more information on how to throw food, where you can throw it, and the benefits of throwing food.Updated on September 12, 2022

Is it possible to throw food in Overcooked 1?

Unfortunately, it is NOT possible to throw food (and objects like plates) in Overcooked 1. If you want to give food to your other chef or other players, you will have to either;

  • put it on a surface
  • drop it on the floor

Are there exceptions that allow you to throw food in Overcooked 1?

There are NO exceptions in Overcooked 1 to throw food. Some people say some levels have exceptions because of environmental obstructions, but this is untrue. All levels have ways to pass on food, without having to throw (see example image below)

Screenshot - Overcooked - Example to throw food

How to throw food in Overcooked 2

The same button for chopping ingredients is used for throwing food in Overcooked 2. This can sometimes be confusing and something you have to get used to. Per device, the controls for throwing are different. These are the buttons used for throwing on different devices:

  • Nintendo Switch: X button
  • Playstation: Square button
  • Xbox: X button
  • PC: Ctrl button

When you are holding food, simply tap or hold the button. The easiest way to give the most control over throwing food is to hold it down and turn in the direction you want to throw the food and release the button (see example image above). If you tap the button, it is immediately thrown into the direction you are facing, which might mean that you accidentally throw it in a river because you didn’t face the correct direction.

You might wonder if it is also possible to throw plates or other objects in Overcooked 2. Officially this is not possible.


What benefits do I have for throwing food?

The most important benefit of throwing food is that it saves you time as you don’t have to run around so much. You might notice that it is especially beneficial to throw food when you are playing with other players, although throwing food is certainly beneficial if you play alone.

The benefit of throwing food to your other chef or other players is that they can do stuff in the meantime, like chopping food, while you also do things yourself. This helps you save time and ensures that every chef or player is always busy. It also saves time to throw ingredients directly in the hands of another chef or player or their cutting board, as the other chef or player doesn’t have to pick the ingredient from the floor. The same applies to throwing it to mixing bowls, pans, cooking pots, steaming baskets, blenders or woks.

Where can you throw food in Overcooked 2?

Throwing food might help you in many cases to save time. You can throw food to:

  • Other areas
  • Surfaces like a cutting board, kitchen surface or ingredient box
  • Other chefs/people
  • Blender (for drinks)
  • Trash can/bin
  • Cooking pot
  • Mixing bowl (some ingredients have to be chopped first)
  • Wok (some ingredients have to be chopped first)
  • Pan (all ingredients have to be chopped first)
  • Steaming basket (all ingredients have to be chopped first)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to throw food on a plate.