How to get Mushroom Oil in Tribes of Midgard

Updated on April 30, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: stormcap mushroom image

Have you been struggling to find Mushroom oil? We’ll guide you through this guide so that you know where to find it and what can be used for.

Where to find Mushroom Oil

Mushroom oil is dropped when harvesting Stormcap Mushrooms in the Land of Pools area. If you are exploring this region you will find plenty of these mushrooms.

The amount of oil that you get is random, but you could get more mushroom oil if you have the “Bountiful Grasp” skill of the Hunter class, which doubles the amount of resources that you gather.

Pro tip: You should farm Stormcap Mushrooms at night, during that time the mushrooms will glow and if you harvest them, it would give you Mushroom Moon Bolts additionally while you still get Mushroom oil.

What can you do with Mushroom Oil

Mushroom oil will allow you to craft the following items:

  • Health Potion II and Health Potion III, which is important to carry with you when heading to fight Jotuns, elite enemies or any boss.
  • Coldproof Elixir I and Coolproof Elixir II. These items are essential during late-game, it will make you survive the cold weather for a couple of minutes. Besides, it could allow you to explore the Glacier Peaks early in the game to gather material for crafting powerful weapons.