How to get Mushroom Moon Bolts in Tribes of Midgard

A guide on how to obtain Mushroom Moon Bolts, and can you craft with this rare resource.Updated on April 28, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: Stormcap mushroom screenshot

In the game Tribes of Midgard, mushroom moon bolts are an important resource that allows players to craft healing potions and craft weapons. They are not easy to find, but with this guide, you will be able to locate them quickly and easily!

Where to get Mushroom Moon Bolts ?

Mushroom Moon Bolts can be found by harvesting Stormcamp Mushrooms at night. These mushrooms can only be found in the Land of pools area when it's dark, they are quite distinguishable from other resource as they will glow with a bright blue light at night.

You can also find Mushroom Moon Bolts in treasure chests located in Goblin camps in the Land of pools area. The distinctive icon of a campfire will identify these camps in the map.

What can you do with Mushroom Moon Bolts ?

You can craft Healing Potions and Speed Elixir with Mushroom Moon Bolts. The speed boost is quite helpful when traveling around, as it'll allow you to be more efficient revealing the hidden areas of the map while exploring.

Additionally, Mushroom Moon Bolts will allow you to craft the first level of the Nonir Bow and Nonir Axe, two excellent mid-game weapons.