How to get Linnorm Spikes in Tribes of Midgard

Updated on April 30, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: Linnorm

Linnorm Spikes are a rare and valuable item in Tribes of Midgard. They are used for crafting a variety of great mid-game equipment, such as the thunder hammers and axes, as well as the thunder resistant Nornir armor and Nonir Shield.

Where to find Linnorm spikes

Linnorm Spikes are randomly dropped by defeating Linnorm creatures, these beasts are found in the Land of Pools area. Unlike other foes that may be guarding camps or treasure chests, the Linnorm is always wandering around in broad open fields.

So if you are in the hunt for one these creatures, you just need to explore around the Land of Pools until you find one.

However, if you cannot find one, or if you defeated already many Linnorms and you still need more Linnorm spikes. You can always buy Linnorm spikes from the Sorcerer merchant in the Land of Pools in exchange of Souls.

How to defeat a Linnorm

Linnorms might be a tough opponent to defeat, get sure to battle them one by one, carry some healing potions and equip a decent weapon and armor. Linnorm are weak to dark element weapons, so if you have one of these with you, the battle will become rather easy.

The attacks of the Linnorm are quite simple and predictable, as it mostly swings the spiky tail, but one of these attacks may deal significant damage. You can defend yourself with a shield to decrease the damage, but because the attacks are very slow we recommend to roll and dodge these attacks.

When playing in co-op, defeating a Linnorm can be quite easy, as the creature will mostly focus on one player, this leads to a good opportunity for other players to attack the beast from its back.

Furthermore, if you carry with you a good bow, confronting the Linnorm from the distance could be quite easy because the beast is rather slow.

Once you defeat the Linnorm, the beast will drop some items and among them you'll find the Linnorm spikes that you were looking for.