How to get Dokkalfar Orbs in Tribes of Midgard

Updated on April 28, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: witch screenshot

Dokkalfar orbs are a rare and valuable item in Tribes of Midgard. They are used for crafting two of the best late-game epic and legendary swords there are in Tribes of Midgard: the Sigyn's Blade and the Serpent Tongue. Both of these weapons deal damage of dark element, which is great against thunder enemies, such as the Linnorm and other foes found from the Land of Pools area.

Where to find Dokkalfar orbs

You may gather Dokkalfar orbs by defeating Dokkalfar witches in the Bright Forest region. These witches can be found guarding large Dokkalfar camps, which you'll notice in the map marked as a campfire icon.

However, some large camps may not be in the present of a Witch, and sometimes these witches may just be wandering randomly in the Blight Forest. So it's best to explore around in any Bright Forest area and you'll eventually come across a witch.

How to defeat the Dokkalfar Witch

If you aren't prepared, the Dokkalfar Witch might be a tough opponent to overcome. Specially if the suggested area power level is higher than yours, so get sure to get equipped with a decent weapon and armor at the village.

The witch is weak to thunder damage, so if you are playing with one of these weapons, the battle will become quite easy for you. However, this is not required; a simple weapon will also do the job.

Besides the equipment, you must carry with you at least a couple of healing potions, because the witch is surrounded by many Dokkalfar warriors and she will be summoning even more during the fight, so you are likely to take many hits.

The best strategy is to defeat the Dokkalfar warriors and archers first, then attack the witch until she summon other warriors. Keep getting rid off the warriors, and repeat this process until you beat her.

After the battle, she'll drop some items and a good amount of Souls. Among the items you'll find the Dokkalfar Orbs that you where looking for.