Tribes of Midgard: How to climb

Updated on April 30, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: ramp screenshot

There are many cliffs in Tribes Of Midgard, and you may come across several of them. You might be wondering how to get up since there may be precious goods on top of a cliff from time to time. Perhaps a cliff is stopping your from reaching your destination. No worries, in this guide we'll explain you how to climb cliffs in Tribes of Midgard.

How to climb in Tribes of Midgard

Your character can't just walk up a cliff and reach the top, there are no specific skills for that. However, you can build ramps to be able to reach the top of a cliff, which is at the moment the only way to get on the top of a cliff.

How do you build ramps then? First, you'll need to craft them at the Tinker, and once you have ramps in your inventory, you can place them when using the construction mode.

You can find Eyrun the Tinker at the west of your village, right next to the west gate. When talking to her, you'll find the ramps at the construction tab. There are 3 levels of ramps, the higher the level the more damage it could take from enemies, but that's not important when you are using these ramps for exploration. So crafting several Level 1 Ramps will be more efficient.

How to use ramps for climbing cliffs

Once you have ramps in your inventory, placing them is very easy. For that switch to the construction mode, if you are unsure on how to activate the construction mode, you can find it in the bottom left of the screen with a Hammer icon, on Playstation you can quick access this mode by pressing L1 button on Playstation or C key on your keyboard if you are playing on PC.

When you are in construction mode, you can select what to build from construction item that you have in your inventory. Select the ramps, and build one after another until you reach the top of the cliff.

It takes a bit of practice to build ramps, you need to get sure that the ramp ends at the top or over the top of the cliff and it doesn't get obstructer by the edge of the cliff. Otherwise you'll have to do another ramp. Sadly you cannot retry the construction, you can destroy the ramp by attacking it and you'll get some materials back but not the ramp.

When to use ramps and how to get the most out of it

There are a few things to take into account when using ramps for climbing cliffs. Sometimes it may not be worthy, if the purpose is just to get a mineral or one resource that you see on top. Here are some suggestions for when to use the ramps and get the most out of it.

  • Always use ramps for getting to Ruins, you can see these on the map and the only way you can get to them is by building ramps, because they are always located on top of cliffs. Ruins always contain a chest with valuable items, so definitely this would be a good use for your ramps.
  • Use ramps if you are trying to get get to an area that is elevated but not easily accessible. For example, you'll find that sometimes the Smoky Highlands or the Glacier Peaks could be elevated and not easily accessible, this could be a good use for you ramps.