Hay Day: Sanctuary

Updated on June 8, 2022

What is the Sanctuary in Hay Day, and how can I get there?

The Sanctuary is an area in the Town where you can keep Sanctuary animals. You can get here by clicking on the Farm station on your main Farm. Once you are in the Town, you’ll see the Sanctuary located on the far right of the Town.

The Town can be unlocked at experience level 34 by repairing the train station on the main Farm.

How to unlock the Sanctuary in Hay Day?

The Sanctuary is unlocked at reputation level 3. Reputation is the player’s level in the Town. You can gain Reputation points by completing orders from Town Visitors that are visiting Service Buildings:

Grocery storeCinema
Unlocks at Reputation level 1Unlocks at Reputation level 2

How to access the Sanctuary?

To be able to access the Sanctuary, you need to:

  • Have one strip of land touching the Sanctuary unlocked (see image below).
  • Repair the Sanctuary Book Stand (see image below).

What can you do with the Sanctuary in Hay Day?

Once you can access the Sanctuary, you’ll be able to get Sanctuary Animals. Feeding these animals gives you Experience. To unlock Sanctuary Animals, you need to collect puzzle pieces displayed and stored in the log book of the Sanctuary Book Stand. When you have all the puzzle pieces of an animal, the animal will arrive for free.


Some town visitors want to visit a Sanctuary Animal after being fully served in the Town. You can see which visitor wants to visit Sanctuary Animals by clicking on the Town Hall building (see image above). You can see a paw print symbol for visitors who wish to visit a Sanctuary Animal on the right in the list of visitors. They will walk to the Sanctuary Book Stand, stay there for a short moment to watch the animal, make a comment and leave a gift before leaving the Town. The gifts can be:

  • Diamonds
  • Coins
  • Vouchers
  • Supplies (land-clearing supplies, building supplies, mining supplies, expansion supplies)