How to get cotton in Hay Day

Learn everything you need to know about cotton in Hay Day. Check this guide to learn how to get cotton, how to use it and other useful tips and tricks.Updated on November 9, 2022
Hay Day - Planting cotton screenshot

How to get cotton in Hay Day?

Cotton is a field crop that you unlock at level 18 and is stored in the Silo. You can get cotton in Hay Day by:

  • Growing it: Click on a field and navigate to the page with the cotton by using this [hay-day-crops-navigation-button] navigation button. One planted cotton gives 2 harvested cotton. It takes 2,5 hours before you can harvest your planted cotton.
    • If you don’t have cotton seeds, you can still grow cotton by using diamonds. You do this by trying to plant cotton, and the game will show you a pop-up to use diamonds. However, we highly encourage you to use other ways to acquire cotton, as shown in the list below, as diamonds are valuable and hard to get! You might want to save the diamonds for other more important things.
  • Buying cotton in the Daily Dirt: You get here by clicking on the newspaper mailbox of the house. If you don’t see it there, you can check if someone has put cotton on sale later.
  • Getting it from the wheel of fortune that comes once each day.
  • Neighbor request: Click on the neighborhood mailbox in the section across from your Roadside Shop.
  • Getting it from Tom: who stands on the road next to a crate.
  • Buying it from Greg: Click on the button on the bottom right, click on Greg in the “Friends” tab, and go to his Roadside Shop. Every day he sells new things, and you might be able to find cotton there.
Hay Day map to use cotton

How to use cotton in Hay Day?

There are several ways in which you can use cotton:

Making products
This requires you to use a certain amount of cotton combined with other field crops and products. You can make products in the following production buildings:

LoomFlower ShopHat Maker
Hay Day - Loom (production building)Costs 3,200 and is unlocked at level 17
Hay Day - Flower ShopCosts 120,000 and is unlocked at level 49
Hay Day - Hat MakerCosts 260,000 and is unlocked at level 70

Complete orders
You can find all the buildings, people and areas in the image above.

  • Village (main farm)
    • Truck (you can also complete orders from other players that request help)
    • Riverboat (you can also complete orders from other players that request help)
    • Visitors (Greg, Joan, Mary, Mike, Tilly)
    • Derby stand
  • Valley (you go here by clicking on the valley board at the ending of the road on the left)
    • Orders from houses
  • Town (you go here by clicking on the train station)
    • Orders from villagers that visit buildings in the town (you can also complete orders from other players that request help)

Give to neighbors who request cotton
You can find these requests in the Neighbourhood mailbox (also called birdhouse).

What can you make with cotton?

There are 5 products in total that you can make with cotton. Some products also require other crops or products aside from cotton to produce a product. These are the 5 products that you can make with cotton:

Cotton FabricRustic BouquetBright BouquetFlower CrownSoft Bouquet
Hay Day - Cotton FabricUnlocks at level 18
Hay Day - Rustic BouquetUnlocks at level 49
Hay Day - Bright BouquetUnlocks at level 65
Hay Day - Flower CrownUnlocks at level 86
Hay Day - Soft BouquetUnlocks at level 93
Can be produced in:
Hay Day - LoomLoom
Hay Day - Flower ShopFlower Shop
Hay Day - Flower ShopFlower Shop
Hay Day - Hat MakerHat Maker
Hay Day - Flower ShopFlower Shop

How to sell cotton in Hay Day?

You can sell cotton in the Roadside shop, and you can sell up to 10 cotton for a maximum price of 288 coins. You can also sell it for less, but since cotton is uncommon enough to be sold in the roadside shop, selling at a lower price is unnecessary.

You might want to sell cotton if you need money. Or because your Silo is full and you want to make space when you have too much cotton.

When you put your cotton up for sale, be sure to select the newspaper icon below “Advertise now” so that it shows up in the Daily Dirt newspaper. This way, others can see that you put your cotton up for sale. If you already have another item up for sale and advertised it, you can also wait to put your cotton for sale. After the 5-minute timer ends, you can advertise again for free. You can also put your cotton up for sale already and advertise it later. This way, the cotton will not appear in the Daily Dirt Newspaper, but if others visit your shop, they will be able to buy your cotton. We don’t recommend using diamonds to advertise your sale, as diamonds can be used for more important actions.