Games like Merge Mansion

Discover the best games like Merge Mansion that we've played Updated on November 8, 2022
merge mansion

Merge Mansion is a mobile game for iOS and Android that became very popular due to the advertising campaigns that tease the mysteries around Grandma Ursula and her granddaughter Maddie. Besides, the game is rather fun because it's challenging puzzles.

After playing Merge Mansion for a while, someone may wonder if there are similar games, and if you search on the Apple Store or Google Play store, you'll find many of them.

We have played many of these games for several hours to come up with this list, bringing you the best merging games like Merge Mansion.

Travel Town

Travel Town is one of the most exciting games in this genre, the art style with summer vibes is refreshing and outstanding. In addition, the game has more than 500 objects you can get by merging and progressing through the story.

travel town merging screenshot

In this game, you'll start on an abandoned village's shore as you take on the responsibility of clearing and rebuilding the place. You must complete tasks by merging items to build facilities like hotels, restaurants, and all sorts of buildings as you progress through the game.

Villagers will help you rebuild the town if you provide them with the required items. After achieving goals, you'll have conversations with the villagers. Still, the story could be more interesting, and most talks are just about describing the missions or presenting you to other villagers. So if you are looking for a mysterious story plot like Merge Mansion, this game may not be for you.

Although the game shares the same mechanics with energy and gems, Travel Town is more generous when running out of energy, as they offer to recharge 25 energy by watching an ad.

We highly recommend you try this game!

Love and Pies - Merge Game

love and pies merging screenshot

Take charge of the Windmill Cafe, and merge items to restore the cafe while finding clues that will lead you to solve the mystery of Amelia's family. This is for you if you want a merging game with an exciting storyline.

Fulfill your creativity while using different design patterns for decorating Amelia's cafe to your liking.

In Love & Pies, you'll merge pastry, coffee, and all sorts of sweet treats for your customers. As you repair the cafe, you'll attract customers demanding more challenging recipes.

Merge Fables

If you are looking for a fantasy merging challenge, Merge Fables is just the game for you. In this game, you start on a mysterious island full of mist, and you'll have to merge items to reveal all sorts of magical creatures and characters.

As you progress doing puzzles, you'll reveal the rest of the island that was covered previously by mist. Furthermore, you can make the island your magical kingdom, where fairytale characters will live and help you explore.

Honestly, Merge Fables is one of the best games on this list that has kept us hooked from the beginning, and we cannot stop playing.

Merge Restaurant

In Merge Restaurant, you get in charge of a restaurant that is in terrible condition. As you take on this task, you'll have to merge items to clean, repair and redecorate the restaurant.

merge restaurant screenshot

After putting back to business the restaurant, you continue your journey renovating other restaurants. Although the premise is simple, the gameplay is fun and challenging.

The story is mysterious but could feel silly at times. We recommend this game if you like the idea of renovating restaurants through merging and the story is not relevant to you.

Gossip Harbor

Gossip Harbor is one of the best merging games on this list, driven by an intriguing story around Quinn Castillo, who comes back to her hometown and takes on the mission of rebuilding her father's business while aiming to solve the case that put him in jail.

Gossip Harbor conversation screenshot

As you progress through the game, you'll meet many characters that have become suspects in the case. The story is always exciting and intriguing, with many rich conversations and interactions between characters.

In addition, Gossip Harbor brings many creative ideas to the merging formula. As you complete missions, you can choose between designs and materials, giving you the freedom to design to your liking.

Gossip harbor decoration example

Merge Inn

Merge Inn is for those who love cuisine and challenging gameplay. In this game, you run a fantasy-themed Inn while serving food to the customers.

merge inn screenshot

What makes this game outstanding is the creativity of the items you have to merge to prepare dishes. Besides, the massive variety of items makes it challenging.

In addition, there is a lot of content and innovative game modes, such as:

  • Side Jobs, like Merge Mansion events, but more fun and challenging.
  • Club. Join a club and get more energy and other rewards for free.
  • Maisie's Mint. Another type of event that offers several bonuses, and it's great for farming experience.

Hell Merge

In Hell Merge, you'll get on the assignment of rebuilding an amusement park in Hell. This game stands out for its unique cartoonish and colorist graphics, in addition to a wide variety of items with Halloween vibes.

hell merge screenshot

As you rebuild the park, visitors will visit it and enjoy the attractions, which are fun to see. Furthermore, as you progress with the renovation, the storyline will lead you to meet bizarre characters whose conversations always have a bit of comedy.

City Boom

City Boom is another merging game with an authentic and fun 3D art style. In this game, you become a mayor of a picturesque town and rebuild several facilities.

Unlike merge mansion, you don't rebuild with items that make sense in the situation. Instead, you take on orders from citizens, and you can rebuild these facilities with the money you earn from these commissions.

Merge Home Master

This game is for creative people with a passion for interior design. In Merge Home Master, you'll take over several merging challenges required for renovating houses.

All the merging items are related to construction, house decoration, and furniture. But what's most interesting is the ability to choose between several designs, giving you the freedom to renovate houses to your liking.

Merge home master decoration

Merge Town - Decor Mansion

This game starts with a town devastated by an earthquake, but you can take the lead and help restore the houses and buildings of the city.

For those who enjoy renovating and designing homes, fulfill your interior design ambitions in Merge Town, where you can experiment with various furniture and decorations.

Merge Dragons

In Merge Dragons, the gameplay concept is slightly different than in Merge Mansion. For example, you merge items by placing them next to each other instead of putting together two things of the same type.

However, Merge Dragons is one of the best merging games out there. Merging eggs and hatching new dragons feels very satisfactory. The variety of objects (more than 1500) and how they interact with each other bring a lot of joy, as the player may feel curious to discover more combinations.

In addition, you can build your own camp for your dragon collection with all sorts of fantasy decorations, plants, and buildings.