How to get Yarn and Spun Yarn in Tribes of Midgard

Updated on April 30, 2022
Tribes of Midgard: cover image

Yarn is a common resource in Tribes of Midgard that is used for crafting great mid-game armors. When combining several Yarn items you can obtain Spun Yarn, which is required for crafting the best armors for late-game. In this guide we’ll explain to you how you can get Yarn.

Where to find yarn

Yarn can be crafted in the Tinker at the village by combining multiple Fur, which is dropped by wolves and werewolves. These beasts can be found anywhere across all the regions in the game. However, Yarn can only be crafted once the Tinker is upgraded to Level 2, this requires you to donating at least 250 souls to the Tinker.

What to do with Yarn

Yarn is one of the many items required for crafting any of the following armor sets:

  • Feral armor set.
  • Nonir armor set.
  • Seiðr armor set.

These sets are all great for mid-game. In fact, the Feral and Seiðr sets are resistant to dark which comes in handy for defending the village during the Blood Moon.

Where to find Spun Yarn

Spurn Yarn can be crafted in the Tinkerer by combining multiple Yarn. However, the Tinkerer must be upgraded to level 3 before you are able to craft Spurn Yarn.

Moreover, Spurn Yarn can also be dropped by defeating Unsunken warriors from the Ash Beach area and Unfrozen warriors from the Glacier Peaks area. These enemies can be quite though to beat as they can block your attacks and they have powerful attacks.

What to do with Spun Yarn

Spun Yarn is required for crafting the Baldr's armor set and the Fornjót's armor set. These sets are both among the best end-game sets that you could get before confronting Fenrir or Jormungandr.