Animal Restaurant: How to get Piping Bag memento

Discover how to get this rare item, that will unlock the Purr-fect Chocolate Cake recipeUpdated on November 3, 2022
Animal Restaurant: Buffet screenshot

What is the Piping Bag memento

The Piping Bag memento is an item that was introduced in The Culinary Cats' Contest event that occurred in November 2020.

During this event, the player could participate in a quiz, and while answering the questions correctly, you will be rewarded with The Piping Bag memento.

You can use this memento to unlock the Puff-fect Chocolate Cake recipe.

How to get Piping Bag memento

You can get the Piping Bag memento drawing rewards from the Gachapon machine in the Buffet.

This is currently the only way to get the Piping Bag memento now that the event is not active anymore.

How to unlock Gachapon

The Gachapon machine is a facility that can be bought once you have the Buffet area.

The first Gachapon you could buy is the Normal Gachapon, which will cost you 920,000 cod. This will grant you one free draw per day, and has a daily draw cap of 6 times per day.

How to use Gachapon

At first, you can use the Gachapon machine paying with plates that you can obtain from customers eating at the Buffet.

However, once your restaurant has a rating of 50,000 you'll have the choice to draw from the Gachapon using cod instead of plates.

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