Animal Restaurant: Jiji is Missing? How to get him back

Easy to understand step-by-step explanation of why Jiji is missing and how to make him come backUpdated on November 3, 2022
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Jiji "The Waiter" is one of the most valuable staff of Animal Restaurant. He becomes indispensable at the busiest moments, taking customers' orders as they come in.

However, you noticed that he's missing and no one is taking orders anymore at the restaurant's entrance. Where did he go, and how to make he come back?

Jiji's disappearance

This event is part of the story of the game. Any time while playing, you'll get a dialog by Eggy noticing the disappearance of Jiji, and he'll notify to Chef Gumi that Jiji is not at the counter.

How to make Jiji come back

Jiji will be out of the restaurant for hours until Hedwig returns.

  • If you didn't send Hedwig to get the mail today, do it as soon as possible.
  • If you have already sent Hedwig, wait until she comes back.

When Hedwig returns, she will bring a Magazine, and Jiji will appear simultaneously, explaining why he had to go.

animal restaurant fashion magazine

Why Jiji left

When Hedwig brings the magazine, Jiji explains the following:

"There was a customer who insisted that I help him when he was paying the bill. He said that his magazine would be discontinued if I didn't help him, so I helped him by letting him take a few photos of me"

As it turns out, the magazine Hedwig brought is a fashion magazine, and Jiji's is on the cover. After all, the magazine was successful and it didn't discontinue.

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