Animal Restaurant: How to upgrade promo

Discover everything about promoting your restaurant and how to upgrade promoUpdated on November 3, 2022
animal restaurant courtyard

Upgrading the promo in Animal Restaurant is one of the best methods to increase your restaurant's revenue. Doing so will attract new types of customers that will order more expensive dishes or even order multiple times and drop special items after eating.

How to upgrade promo

Finding where to upgrade the promo when you are new in the game can be challenging. However, once you know where you find it is pretty straightforward. Use the following steps to find your way:

  1. First, you must go to the Courtyard. You can do so by tapping on the home icon to see the different scenes and then tapping on the fence icon.
  2. Then tap on the speaker, which is near the restaurant's front door and close to your Friends' board.
  3. Tap on the image of the cat that is holding a megaphone.
  4. On this screen, you'll be able to see all the available promo upgrades and select one if you meet the requirements.
Upgrade promo tutorial

Every Animal Restaurant promo upgrade

PromoPerksRequirementNumber of taps
animal restaurant flyer promo iconFlyer Promo
Can attract nearby customers. Can attract Salesman and the Rich Kid-8
animal restaurant radio promoRadio Promo
Can attract customers from the village. Can attract the Magician and the Wandering Singer 35014
TV PromoTV Promo
Can attract customers from the town. Can attract the Fortuneteller100022
Animal restaurant cellphone promoCellphone Promo
Can attract customers from the city. Can attract the Mysterious Merchant200032

About these special customers:

  • Salesman. Comes to promote ads, will give you a reward if you watch an ad.
  • Rich Kid. Every time you tap him, he'll drop some cod that you can pick up.
  • Magician. Offers you to play a game of cards with him, f you win he'll reward you with cod.
  • Wandering Singer. You can continuously tap him to make him sing and attract more customer.
  • Fortuneteller. She can offer some rewards, such as resetting employees cooldowns or bringing Hedwig home earlier.
  • Mysterious Merchant. You can buy rare items from him.

One thing the game doesn't make clear is that by upgrading to a higher promo you still will get sometimes visits from the special characters of previous promos.

What is the best promo upgrade?

The best promo upgrade is the Cellphone Promo. Even though it takes more tapping to attract customers, it'll bring customers from all locations. Therefore, it increases the chance of attracting customers from the City, and these customers will more likely order expensive dishes.

However, the Cellphone Promo is the hardest to get, as you'll need a rating of 2000 to be able to unlock it.

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