Animal Restaurant: How to get booth owners

Updated on November 3, 2022
Animal Restaurant Fishing Pond

What are booth owners?

Booth owners are special characters within the game that will pay you for selling food in a spot within the fishing pond area of your restaurant.

Every booth owner will pay you with plates or rating every 5 minutes as a rental fee. In addition, customers that interact with the booth owner will drop cod when purchasing.

Some special booth owners may allow you to play a mini-game with them for the possibility of getting rewards if you succeed at the game.

How to solicit booth owner

To solicit a booth owner to come to your restaurant, you must place fish or wood on the Lease Billboards that you can find nearby the Fishing Pond.

However, you may find yourself doing this several times and still not getting any Booth Owner. This is because there's a very low chance that a Booth Owner will appear, and the probability depends on which fish you use and what time of the day it is.

It's you place a fish on a Lease Billboard, and after waiting a few minutes you find the billboard empty, then you were not successful in getting a Booth Owner, and you must retry and put more fish on the billboard.

how to solicit booth owner screenshot

How to increase your chance of getting a booth owner

You can upgrade your Lease Billboards to increase your booth leasing success rate. This is critical to be more efficient with your fishing and leasing.

To buy these upgrades, you must:

  • Unlock the Takeout area of your restaurant.
  • Complete takeout orders to earn bells
  • Buy a Signature Store in the facilities menu at the Takeout area.

If you have a Signature Store, you'll find the Lease Billboard upgrades at the bottom of the Special Facilities menu.

Lease Billboard upgrade screenshot

Each Lease Billboard you buy gives you a 5% leasing success rate, which may not seem like much, but these stack into each other as you purchase other billboards. Therefore, you can get up to a 20% success rate increase, which is huge considering there are Booth Owners with less than a 5% chance of getting them.

Booth owners mini-games

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