Animal Restaurant: Guide, tips and tricks

All the tips and ticks that we wish we knew sooner.Updated on November 3, 2022
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Animal Restaurant is a simulation game where you can manage a restaurant, and grow it, decorate it while enjoying the journey of meeting the most peculiar customers and discovering new areas and many secrets this game has to offer.

We've played the game for several months and learned a lot of things along the way that we wish we had known when we started playing this game.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you have the best experience while playing Animal Restaurant.

Focus first on increasing your restaurant's rating

Your restaurant rating is everything. As you progress and get more rating, you'll be able to unlock things in the game that will make you multiply your profits.

More rating means:

  • Unlocking new recipes that you can sell for more cod.
  • Unlocking new areas of the game
  • Unlocking staff
  • Unlocking new promotion methods
  • Being able to increase the price of your recipes

It becomes a lot easier to farm ratings as you progress through the game, so for new players it can get challenging to get those stars. These tips will help new players on getting to 1000 rating:

  • Buy furniture on the Facilities menu, and start by buying the cheapest things first.
  • Hire staff, and then level them up whenever possible.
  • Do all the daily tasks, and you'll get rewarded with 25 rating that you can double if you watch an ad.
  • Gather customers in the Garden once you unlock the area at 200 rating.
  • Start growing plants in the Garden once you unlock the area at 500 rating. Then buy a Garden Table to display the flowers, and the customers will drop stars after enjoying a visit to the Garden.

Upgrade the Garden and grow flowers every day

Once you unlock the Garden, it becomes the easiest and the fastest way to farm rating. It may be easy to overlook that the flowers give a lot of rating if you upgrade the Plant Pot to a Greenhouse.

In addition, you must upgrade the Garden Table. The flower can be seen more times before disappearing from the table for each upgrade. Meaning many customers will leave rating when seeing the same flower.

After upgrading these facilities, grow flowers multiple times per day and put them to display on the table. You'll be seeing your rating growing by a few hundred every day.

animal restaurant garden flowers

Give flowers to Hedwig and send him to get letters every day

Hedwig is often misused because at the beginning of the game she may not bring much, and it gives the impression of being useless.

However, Hedwig is crucial throughout the whole game; she can help grow the restaurant's rating, and she'll bring letters and mementos that unlock some recipes, facilities, and even secret customers.

All you have to do is putting flowers, seeds, or watering cans on Hedwig before sending her to get letters. Different combinations of these items will make her bring different letters.

If you do this early in the game, you'll be grateful you did later on.

Upgrade the staff

Upgrading the staff will make your restaurant run more efficiently. When you first hire some staff, they are almost useless because of the long resting time.

However, when the staff is upgraded to the maximum level, this resting time decreases significantly, and they become much more efficient at their job.

We recommend giving a raise first these employees, until you get them to maximum level:

  • Jiji The Waitress. He will automatically take customers' orders so that you can do other things in the meantime.
  • Dori The Promoter. He will promote the restaurant automatically. When upgraded to the maximum level, you'll feel like you have in the restaurant is always busy. The upgrades also decrease the amount of taps for promotion.
  • Messenger Hedwig. At higher upgrades, she'll bring more cod and ratings. Decreasing the time she's out is also crucial for the long term.
  • Temp Worker Yolky. He's the best way to farm plates in the Buffet, so upgrade him as early as possible.

Upgrade your restaurant promo

Upgrading the promo will ensure that you get more special customers from nearby Town or the City every time you tap on the promotion button.

These customers will order several meals per visit and may even order expensive dishes.

Don't miss out on upgrading the promo. Check our guide on how to upgrade promo.

Level up your restaurant promo using films

In addition to upgrading your promo, you can also level it up. You can do this in the same menu where you upgrade it, but it will cost you films every time you level up.

By leveling up your promo, you can benefit from:

  • Increase the chance to get double customers when you promote your restaurant
  • Increase the chance to get yet-to-unlock customers
  • Decrease the number of taps required to promote

Unlock the Buffet

The Buffet is the most profitable area of your restaurant. You'll get paid cod passively while not playing the game, and you can log in at the end of the day and pick up your profits.

In addition, you can unlock the Gachapon machine, which will give you mementos that can make you unlock special customers.

As soon as you unlock the Buffet, do the following:

  • Buy all the available facilities for the area. It will increase the amount of cod you get per hour.
  • Hire Temp Worker Yolky and give him as many raises as you can. He is one of the best ways to farm plates every day.
  • Buy Buffet recipes with the plates you are earning. New recipes will significantly increment the amount of cod you make per hour.
animal restaurant buffet screenshot

Don't spend plates on the Gachapon

When you unlock the Gachapon, you can draw each time by paying 300 plates. However, plates are scarce, so it's better that you spend them on unlocking recipes for the Buffet.

After playing for a few weeks, you can unlock new Gachapon machines that will allow you to draw several times daily for free. In addition, you are able to pay with cod once you reach 50,000 rating.

It's worth the waiting, don't waste your plates.

Collect dolls to unlock secret customers

Once you have upgraded your Gachapon, you can draw several times per day for free. From drawing you can obtain either cod, plates, mementos or dolls.

You can collect these dolls to unlock secret customers that are worth having. After you unlock them, they'll come to visit your restaurant regularly, and some of these may reward you generously.

animal restaurant dolls screenshot

Increase your recipes price

As you grow your restaurant and increase the rating, don't forget to check in the recipes menu if there's any recipe you can increase the price.

Some recipes will require unlocking a memento or letter to increase the price. Still, in most of them, you can raise the price only by achieving a certain amount of restaurant rating.

Upgrade your Tip Desk

Tips will increase as you buy new facilities or learn new recipes. However, there's a limit of cod that you can store in the Tip Desk.

We recommend that you upgrade the Tip Desk as much as possible so that you can earn cod passively while you are not playing.

Host concerts and gather customers in the Courtyard every day

Hosting concerts in the Courtyard is one of the best ways to obtain films, you can host as many performers as you want during the day, as far as you have invite tickets.

In addition, you can gather customers that will tip the performers and even reward you with cod, ratings, and films. Learn more about how to gather customers here.

Additional tip: Use posters of the performers to maximize your profit. Learn in our guide how to get posters.

Buy the four lights in the Courtyard

Buying lights is the first thing you should do when you first unlock the Courtyard. You will get your first light for free, and you can use this light to invite a performer to the Couryard.

If you have two lights, you can have two performers having a show at the same time, which means double profit. The same applies if you have three or four lights.

So buy the lights first, and you'll start getting tons of films that you can use to decorate your Courtyard.

animal restaurant courtyard concert

Make friends and visit their restaurants daily

You'll get a Friends Board for free when you unlock the Courtyard. You can use it to send friends requests. When you become friends with someone, you can visit their restaurants.

This is one of the best ways to earn films, as you can find hidden bags in their restaurants that will reward you with films.

However, the bags only refresh once daily, so make sure you do this at least once daily.

Some restaurants may not have any hidden bags that day. That's why it's best to send as many friend requests as possible until you reach the limit.

animal restaurant lucky bag

Upgrade the kitchen stoves

Did you know that some recipes later in the game can take several minutes to cook? That makes it very inefficient to serve your customers, and you would want to serve food to them as quickly as possible.

By upgrading the kitchen stoves, cooking recipes will take less time. In addition, you can also hire Chef Gumi and give him a raise so he can speed up the process even more.

animal restaurant stoves

Fish and attract booth owners to your Fishing Pond

You'll first need 1500 rating to unlock the Fishing Pond, but once you get it, you'll be able to fish there. In addition, you can place fish on the Lease Billboards to attract booth owners.

Booth owners will serve food to your customers, and they'll pay you a fee for every five minutes they are stationed in your restaurant.

This is one of the best ways to earn plates in the game. Besides, you can get other rewards from the booth owners. Check our booth owners guide if you want to know more about them.

animal restaurant booth owners

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