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Reviews Galore

Reviews for Dusty Revenge have started to come in. And yes, we have been receiving positive reviews! Check them out below.

“All in all, it feels like a condensed 2D Devil May Cry 3, which is a great thing, and shows that PDDesignStudio really has a knack for designing technical action.”

“All along the way, the art is stunning, breaking the boundaries of an indie studio and venturing into major release territory.”

“Dusty’s signature style of badassery and juggernaut revenge is the perfect complement for the endless combat and gunplay.”

“The real juicy parts of the game take a little time to kick in (why isn’t the bear with the massive gun there from the beginning?!), but once they do you’ll realize this is much more than a simple sidescrolling punchfest.”

“Dusty Revenge is a terrific action platformer game, that delivers everything a player could ask for, in terms of high 2D quality, art design, engaging storyline and replay value.”

“Dusty Revenge is a fast paced 2D action platformer that stays true to its fighting genre and strengthens the shoot and beat ‘em up style of gameplay.”

“The gameplay driving Dusty Revenge is compelling and engaging in a way that brings to mind some of the best examples of the side-scrolling beat ‘em up genre from the glory days of the 16-bit and arcade eras.”

“Dusty does not go into combat alone. This fact is the game’s big twist on the genre and one that it employs to great effect.”

(Polish Review)

“(The boss fights)They are well designed, and the fight can be a number of dimensions ……..a masterpiece of the genre.”

(German Review)

“Dusty Revenge is a real surprise. The studio from Singapore puts a lot of love and passion in this item. This is evident in the details, and also in the work..”

(French Review)

It’s time for REVENGE! Buy now!

After more than 2 years of work and after much delays and deliberations, we have finally released our hard work, Dusty Revenge.

Dusty Revenge is available at many stores now!

1. Our Direct Store Front – Show us your support by buying direct. We get a bigger cut and you get a key from Desura which you can redeem!  You also get the options to buy goodies such as soundtracks and our artbook, The Art of Revenge, in PDF format.

2. Desura

3. GamersGate

4. Amazon Indie Game Store

5. Mac App Store

6. MacGameStore

Dusty Revenge: Game Booklet

We done up a game booklet some time ago. This booklet is what you would find inside the DVD box had Dusty Revenge been a box title. There are information on the story, characters, controls, enemies, etc. It’s a small little treat for you all! You can download a PDF version at the bottom.


Download the PDF version here.


Character Development and Design: Cats

Showcasing some of the art development here. The initial motivation to include cats in the game was to have some females in the game. Before cats were introduce, all we have were guys! We thought it would be cool to have some females as well.

Early sketches of the cats in the game.  Not quite feminine in some ways.

So we further developed it to be more feminine.

Color test.


Dusty Revenge: Web Comics

Want to know what happened before the game begins? Why did Dusty return to find his house burning? Why is Daisy alone when it all happened? Well, wait for our digital comic to be released to find out!

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek.

And oh, have you watched the story opening?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzyW84ZqBPE