Dusty Revenge: Game Booklet

We done up a game booklet some time ago. This booklet is what you would find inside the DVD box had Dusty Revenge been a box title. There are information on the story, characters, controls, enemies, etc. It’s a small little treat for you all! You can download a PDF version at the bottom.             […]

Kickstarter: The Art of Revenge

Can’t believe I forgot to share it here. We have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Dusty Revenge: The Art of Revenge. It’s a 150 page, hardcover artbook. It will showcase works we have done, from concept to final art. Do check it out and pledge if you like what you see!

New Screenshots

Screenshots! I shared some screenshots last week on our Facebook and Twitter. Thought I should share them here too! Odgro Jungle Viper Boss Gorilla Boss  

Character Development and Design: Cats

Showcasing some of the art development here. The initial motivation to include cats in the game was to have some females in the game. Before cats were introduce, all we have were guys! We thought it would be cool to have some females as well. Early sketches of the cats in the game.  Not quite […]

Dusty Revenge: Web Comics

Want to know what happened before the game begins? Why did Dusty return to find his house burning? Why is Daisy alone when it all happened? Well, wait for our digital comic to be released to find out! Meanwhile, here is a sneak peek. And oh, have you watched the story opening?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzyW84ZqBPE

Stage Selection Screen

We have completely revamped the Stage Selection Screen. From simple thumbnails to a full blown illustrated map of Dusty’s World. We think it provides a better sense of purpose, knowing where you will go next and putting each location into context. Old Selection Screen New Selection Screen Of course, the above is just a sneak […]


Some eye candy for the week!